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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Just a brief update. I decided to put this site on my own webspace. I'm payin for it, I might as well use it for my own junks! I also enabled this new comments feature that Blogger can apparently do now, so give it a shot!

EDIT: The comments thing was ugly as can be, so I removed it. Sooner or later I'll fix up a better method for news other than using Blogger.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

First things first. I dumped the old forum, which was junk + ad infested, and installed a Simple Machines forum. Click the button on the left to get there. Or, I guess if you're really lazy, you can click here as well. There's not much there, but more than I had on the last place, so maybe this one will get pretty hoppin'.

Second, once I remember all the dates that I made stuffs, I'll have that Bio page all updated. I've done a lot more stuff since I last edited it. I really should have been editing it all along, but I got caught up in Hazard Labs stuff that I stopped paying much attention to here.

I will probably change the name of the site to Fybertech, or something along those lines, since not only is that in the URL, but "Planet Zentax" doesn't exactly fit the content of the site. It's not based on DOZ anymore, so why continue to make the site sound that way. It will contain many fybartech junks eventually, since I'm always making little things that have little use to most of the folk I know, but I'm sure there are other people out there like me that'd find them neat or useful.

I'll probably also convert most of the site to PHP, since using Dreamweaver templates and then uploading every page again when I make an update to it is a dumb way to do things. There wasn't much I could do when the site was on the Tripod server, anyway. Thouh I didn't even know PHP the last time I updated this site, back in January. JUST GOES TO SHOW HOW MUCH HAS HAPPENED.

Even though I like the Blogger method of making updates, I may dump it as well and make a new method to do my own updates, like it works on the Labs. I might could just rig Blogger to work without having to update this entire page everytime. Either way, I'll do something with it.

Hmm, what else. I may put an artwork section up, like I started to long ago. Every so often the urge to make something artistic comes along, so it's good to have somewhere to put'em.

Like I mentioned on the forums, I may also start putting together a DECAbase, which would be a large database of Power Rangers monsters and stuff. I figure it wouldn't be hard to alter the Omnidex software to do such a thing, considering I wrote it. You'd probably know this if I had UPDATED THE BIO SECTION.

Anyways that's enough stuff to yammer about for now. Go post on the forum!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

WELL LOOKIT THAT. I moved the whole site. I was never going to finish the new Fybertech layout, and this site was getting strangled by the ad plague on Tripod, so I finally moved this shindig over here for now instead of it being the constantly unfinished mess that it was. I will gradually convert this layout into ULTIMATE LAYOUT NUMBER VERSION 3. In the meantime, I will point out something ancient, from the early days of the second layout of Planet Zentax.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Man, I haven't updated this place in a long time. I keep thinking I will, then just never do. There's just not much to say regarding the things here, as I haven't worked on any of them for a while. I'm still doing work on Hazard Labs for the most part. I've programmed OMNICORE there, which runs a lot of the site, and is gradually taking over more and more tasks. Somewhat connected to OMNICORE is the Omnidex, which I kind of described last time, but it's a database and interface of sorts to access info, images, and sounds related to video game characters. Currently, I've been working on Millennimals, which is basically a Neopets-ish type thing. It's sheduled to be released the day after tomorrow (Feb 1st), but I don't see much of it being done the way things are going. It can still go up, but just with limited functionality.

In other news, I finally downloaded a Java development kit, and have started skimming over how to program with it. I'm not really sure if it has a lot of advantages over Flash, and since Flash allows easy animation, I may not use Java for much of anything. But, it's a good thing to know, so I'm gonna give it a try.

Friday, October 03, 2003

I've noticed that some folks that have linked to the site are doing so to the address, as well as that being what shows up on Google first. As a result, images weren't loading on the page properly, so I added a new loading page to redirect everyone to the correct location.

I've still been doing Hazard Labs stuff lately, with the idea of a classic sprite-based game floating around. Aside from that, we've updated the main page's interface, and the Omnidex (a repository of video game creatures and characters) is being overhauled again, so there's plenty of work for me to get done.

I've also made some little Flash cartoons based on the Meanwhile comic over there recently. They might not make sense unless you go read it, but here are the links anyhow:


Friday, September 12, 2003

New layout!

I've been so tired of the ads lately that I went back to a non-frames design. They can stick their ad at the top if they wanna, as long as the popups are down to an absolute minimum.

I also added Gordon Episode 4, which has been up on Hazard Labs for a week or so now.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Well here's a new update, finally. Not a lot to mention on the Planet Zentax front, though I've done a lot of stuff at Hazard Labs lately. Pop on over and click on the Rec Room button, and you can try the Memory and Spug Shock games I made. I've also done a lot of html work and stuff lately for the place. Not to mention, there's about 4 Hazard Labs-related Windows games that've had work started on'em. No idea on release dates on those, though. Right now I think we'll stay focused on Flash, since it's easier to put everything together using it, despite my computer being the slow beast that it is and not running it well. I'd like to get several Flash games under my belt, anyhow.

Also, for those missing new Gordon episodes, you might be happy to know the Spug Shock game was partially based around it. Go play and see!

That's about all I can think to ramble about for now, so until the next time.