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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Well here's a new update, finally. Not a lot to mention on the Planet Zentax front, though I've done a lot of stuff at Hazard Labs lately. Pop on over and click on the Rec Room button, and you can try the Memory and Spug Shock games I made. I've also done a lot of html work and stuff lately for the place. Not to mention, there's about 4 Hazard Labs-related Windows games that've had work started on'em. No idea on release dates on those, though. Right now I think we'll stay focused on Flash, since it's easier to put everything together using it, despite my computer being the slow beast that it is and not running it well. I'd like to get several Flash games under my belt, anyhow.

Also, for those missing new Gordon episodes, you might be happy to know the Spug Shock game was partially based around it. Go play and see!

That's about all I can think to ramble about for now, so until the next time.