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Thursday, July 08, 2004

First things first. I dumped the old forum, which was junk + ad infested, and installed a Simple Machines forum. Click the button on the left to get there. Or, I guess if you're really lazy, you can click here as well. There's not much there, but more than I had on the last place, so maybe this one will get pretty hoppin'.

Second, once I remember all the dates that I made stuffs, I'll have that Bio page all updated. I've done a lot more stuff since I last edited it. I really should have been editing it all along, but I got caught up in Hazard Labs stuff that I stopped paying much attention to here.

I will probably change the name of the site to Fybertech, or something along those lines, since not only is that in the URL, but "Planet Zentax" doesn't exactly fit the content of the site. It's not based on DOZ anymore, so why continue to make the site sound that way. It will contain many fybartech junks eventually, since I'm always making little things that have little use to most of the folk I know, but I'm sure there are other people out there like me that'd find them neat or useful.

I'll probably also convert most of the site to PHP, since using Dreamweaver templates and then uploading every page again when I make an update to it is a dumb way to do things. There wasn't much I could do when the site was on the Tripod server, anyway. Thouh I didn't even know PHP the last time I updated this site, back in January. JUST GOES TO SHOW HOW MUCH HAS HAPPENED.

Even though I like the Blogger method of making updates, I may dump it as well and make a new method to do my own updates, like it works on the Labs. I might could just rig Blogger to work without having to update this entire page everytime. Either way, I'll do something with it.

Hmm, what else. I may put an artwork section up, like I started to long ago. Every so often the urge to make something artistic comes along, so it's good to have somewhere to put'em.

Like I mentioned on the forums, I may also start putting together a DECAbase, which would be a large database of Power Rangers monsters and stuff. I figure it wouldn't be hard to alter the Omnidex software to do such a thing, considering I wrote it. You'd probably know this if I had UPDATED THE BIO SECTION.

Anyways that's enough stuff to yammer about for now. Go post on the forum!