I'll start by saying, it's a Tetris clone. If you've already lost interest, then now's your chance to run like the dickens. If you're like me though and happen to love the game, or are just looking for something to waste your time, then read on.

Download links are at the bottom if you'd rather skip all this stuff.

Version 1.2 is out! Look here to see what's new.



  • Those crazy falling tetrads
  • Spiffy sound effects
  • Totally original cd-quality music
  • Fun special effects
  • High scores, to make fun of yours friends
  • Perdy true-color rendered graphics
  • The phantom tetrad!
  • Windowed and Full-screen modes of play
  • And best of all, this is all free!


  • A computer (probably 90mhz at least)
  • Around 5 megs of disk space
  • A video card that can do 32-bpp. If not, the game will automatically drop down to 16, then 8, but those don't look as good
  • A sound card. Won't work without one. Preferably one that's DirectX compatible, otherwise you may notice a delay in the sound effects.
  • DirectX 8 at least I think, but I recommend 8.1
  • I'd say 16 megs of ram is plenty
  • A keyboard and mouse come in handy too


Possible Problems

  • Windows XP users may experience sluggish controls. I'm unsure of the problem, but hope to have this fixed soon.


Things to come

  • More music tracks
  • Better control over sound and music
  • Ability to toggle certain options on/off (such as the phantom tetrad)
  • Custom fonts
  • And other stuff I haven't thought of or remember at the moment




These are beta screen shots, so they most likely don't represent the current version.

Added on 8-20-02

Look at those blocks a'droppin!

Added on 8-22-02

The title screen, in all it's rendered glory. Perdy, eh?


What's New in v1.2?


  • Fixed tetris board background in high scores view
  • Fixed mouse cursor flicker issue
  • Added Ogg Vorbis audio support (for longer music tracks)
  • Added extended version of original audio track
  • Created new top scores window
  • Fixed music not continuing play after minimizing



Electris v1.2 (2,764,269 bytes)


View README.TXT before you get started.

Contact me with any bugs/comments/suggestions you have.

And have fun!


(If any links are broken, please let me know. And if you would be willing to host downloading of the game, send me the link and I'll put it up.)